Scripts for stop services temporary in Windows

If you need extra performace, you can stop some services TEMPORARY thanks to the MS-DOS command NET. Later, you can enable them again with a simple double click.

Do you need an script to disable / enable Avast Antivirus? I'm also using this script to do it with a single click.


Click here to download my example scripts and NET program.  

Just unzip and click in some of the .bat files to execute the scripts, or edit them with any text editor to create you personalized ones ;)

It is quite ease to create your own script:
- Firstly you can get the name of the running services into servicios.txt writting: 
net start > servicios.txt 
- Secondly: you stop one of all the services that you wish with net stop:
net stop "Temas"
- Finally, you can enable the service with net start:
net start "Temas"
My script is just an example. The next step would be to create different scripts like: minimal_services.bat, HD_movie.bat... Please, if you do it share the link! ;)
I only tested it in my Windows XP, so it would be nice to know if it is working in other Windows also.